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Southern Med Law trusted advocates delivering legal protection and justice. Attorneys proficient in various legal arenas, including general litigation, product liability, mass tort, personal injury, and medical malpractice, are instrumental in advocating for justice and compensation for those who have suffered harm.

General litigation encompasses a broad spectrum of legal disputes, where skilled attorneys navigate complexities to protect their clients’ rights. In product liability cases, attorneys scrutinize the responsibility of manufacturers and distributors for defective products, ensuring accountability for injuries caused.

Mass tort litigation involves representing numerous plaintiffs harmed by a common source, requiring strategic coordination and advocacy.

Personal injury attorneys tirelessly advocate for individuals injured due to negligence, seeking restitution for physical, emotional, and financial damages.

Medical malpractice cases demand a deep understanding of healthcare standards and legal intricacies, as attorneys work to hold healthcare professionals accountable for substandard care and its consequences. In each of these areas, attorneys serve as advocates for the injured, striving to secure fair compensation and promote safer practices in various sectors.

Meet Our Attorneys

Dr. François M. Blaudeau is a unique blend of attorney and surgeon, offering a rare perspective on the intricate intersection of medicine and law. His establishment of the Southern Institute for Legal and Medical Affairs serves as a vital link between his dual expertise, particularly benefiting those who have suffered injury. With a track record of litigating high-profile medical malpractice cases nationwide, Dr. Blaudeau’s insight is invaluable in unraveling the complexities of medically negligent situations.

Evan T. Rosemore, an attorney at Southern Med Law since 2016, is committed to leveraging the jury system to enhance community safety. His focus revolves around bolstering patient safety within the American healthcare landscape, recognizing the imperative for improvement.

Marc J. Mandich, who joined Southern Med Law in 2019, hails from New Orleans, Louisiana, with a background steeped in legal and academic excellence. Graduating magna cum laude from Loyola University New Orleans, Marc’s proficiency extends to his role as a brief writer for Loyola’s Admiralty and National Moot Court Teams, earning accolades including “Best Brief” in the Southeast Regional Competition.

Gianna Blaudeau Mandich, a recent addition to Southern Med Law, brings a wealth of academic and international experience. Having earned dual degrees from Tulane University and Freeman School of Business in just three years, Gianna furthered her education with a J.D. from Tulane Law School, specializing in Sports Law. Her additional certification in European Union Institutions, Brexit, and Civil Law from Université Paris-Dauphine underscores her global perspective and legal acumen.