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Insurance Disputes

For victims of injury or property loss, a protracted battle with an insurance company is a frequent occurrence. Some insurers even fight their own policyholders. After years of faithfully paying your insurance premiums, you may get tossed aside by your insurance company so they can save a little money. Many states, including Alabama, have enacted special laws designed to curb this type of behavior – known as “bad faith laws.”

You need an attorney who understands the nature of insurance claims, and how best to fight against the companies that deny them. Our lawyers have extensive experience fighting against Insurance companies to get our clients the money they are rightfully owed under their policy. Our attorney, Marc Mandich, actually was counsel for several national insurance companies for over six years. This experience defending insurance companies gives him unique and unparalleled insight into how insurance companies and adjusters think.

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Bad Faith

Bad faith is a claim made against an insurer for their behavior, which can involve any number of activities, including:

  • Ignoring claims or other communications for policyholders

  • Denying claims without conducting an investigation

  • Misrepresenting the coverage the insured’s policy provides

  • Failing to provide a basis for claims denial

  • Failing to promptly inform the insured that additional information is needed to adjust a claim

  • Denying a claim or failing to promptly adjust a claim without a reasonable basis

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With a successful track record of high-profile civil rights cases, we have demonstrated our in-depth knowledge and commitment to this area of law. We possess vast legal resources and a network of expert witnesses. Our reputation also gives us strong negotiating leverage with agencies and departments.

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